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Helping Your Nonprofit Raise Funds All Year Long

Far more than “just” a Fundraising Auctioneer, Darren Diess also works with nonprofits as a Fundraising Advisor, filling much of the role of a Development Officer—but at a fraction of the cost and without the turnover nightmares.

From teaching your team how to fundraise to introducing new fundraising ideas, developing donor relationships and more, Darren’s expertise can help your organization meet its funding goals.

Event Management & Education

From live fundraisers, auctions and galas to virtual or hybrid events, we will help your non-profit maximize results with careful pre-planning, professional management during the event, and donor followup after the event.

Through their Eventology workshops and seminars, Darren and the Strategic Fundraising Advisors team will share their expertise in fundraising techniques and give you the knowledge to optimize your non-profit's fundraising efforts.

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Make Your Next Benefit or Charity Event a Huge Success

The auctioneers at Strategic Fundraising Solutions come to life when they are behind the microphone using their talents on stage as Auctioneers to raise money for nonprofits and schools. From hosting as Master of Ceremonies to conducting your live auction and executing a flawless “paddle raise” special appeal, our team’s experience and expertise can increase your fundraising income by 30 percent or more.

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We’re excited to announce the release of our new book, Eventology: The Science Behind Nonprofit Fundraising. Darren Diess and Michelle Gilmore skillfully combine the art, science, and math of event fundraising to create a comprehensive resource guide to help you flawlessly execute a successful fundraising event, further your mission, and build long-term donor relationships that equate to sustainability for your cause.

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  1. Three Steps to Create Prepared Bidders
  2. Three "FUN"draising Activities

The Importance of Donor Interaction

One of the keys to a successful non-profit fundraising event is donor interaction. Make potential donors feel like they are an important part of the process by engaging them at every opportunity. This helps to build enthusiasm in the room and also promotes a fun and entertaining experience for all.

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K. Kiel

"The best of the best! Darren is an absolute pleasure to work with, very passionate about his job, offers insight & advice along the way, not to mention, helped us raise a historical amount of funds for the Coronado schools!!"

E. Jones

"Darren is an amazing auctioneer and advisor. Rather than just showing up a few weeks ahead of time, he has come to meetings, hosted conference calls, answer e-mails promptly and provide ideas on how to run our event to maximize donor engagement."

M. Foote

"Darren, thank you! Your attention to detail & the amount of time you put towards getting to know your Banding Together is unlike any other! Our event ran smoothly & was successful thanks to your presence on stage & your efforts making sure every aspect of the event was successful."

L. Adams

"I am working on my second event with Darren and I would not want to do another one without him on my team. Last year he helped us create the most successful fundraising event ever, raising more money than we ever thought we could."

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