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While other auctioneers show up three hours before the event, conduct the auction and call it a day, Strategic Fundraising Solutions starts working with your organization months before the auction date of the gala. From touring your facility and taking the time to really learn about your group and its goals, to providing auction strategies and advice, we’re there every step of the way to ensure that your benefit or charity event will be a raging success.

Six reasons why nonprofits love working with the Strategic Fundraising Solutions team …

  1. Works with your Board and Committee all year – For the average 90-minute auction, Strategic Fundraising Solutions puts in 40 to 60 hours of work—all for one flat fee. This includes reviewing your event plans from the fundraising standpoint, advising your Committee on issues related to audience development and auction acquisitions, and much more.

  2. Focuses on building donor relationships – Selling your auction items for top dollar is just one aspect of the value Strategic Fundraising Solutions brings. We also help cultivate relationships, engage donors and build the long-term partnerships that result in continuous and planned giving. From working the room before the auction to providing post-event consulting afterwards, we are always focused on relationships and follow-through.

  3. Entertains your guests – With an auctioneering style that is entertaining engaging but never pushy, Strategic Fundraising Solutions creates a fun atmosphere, keeps donors focused on the “why” behind the giving, and makes all of your guests feel like winners. We can also keep your annual event from getting stale, offering the same crowd a different experience each time we show up.

  4. Helps you cater to your donor base – Strategic Fundraising Solutions helps you think about the types of auction items and special experiences that will be most meaningful to your donors, and, when appropriate, can bring in a second auctioneer who speaks a second language, or matches some other demographic of your donor base.

  5. Makes it possible for you to offer a big, exotic trip vacation – For the right crowd, a unique travel package can raise a lot of money at your auction. If you didn’t receive one as a donation, don’t worry. Strategic Fundraising Solutions can bring in a travel experience on consignment, with absolutely no risk for you. Plus, unlike a donated experience, we can sell this travel package to more than one guest!

  6. Are trained professionals – One of only 3% of auctioneers nationwide who have earned the Benefit Auctioneer Specialist designation, Strategic Fundraising Solutions’ founder , Darren Diess, is adept at using advanced techniques to get thousands of extra dollars out of a crowd. Volunteers, amateurs and celebrities often leave money in the room; Strategic Fundraising Solutions does not.

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Using his experience as a Fundraising Auctioneer and Advisor, Darren Diess will take your non-profit organization to new levels of success.

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"Darren helped our team redefine our whole Gala. This was our most successful Gala we’ve had in years thanks to him.”