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How it works: Fundraising Advisor

When you bring Darren on board as your Fundraising Advisor, you get a professional who can fill much of the role of a Development Officer—but at a fraction of the cost and without the turnover nightmares. Darren brings an outsider’s point of view and collaborative approach to nonprofit organizations throughout Southern California, helping them identify and understand their problems and then find the solutions to move forward.

Darren ...

  • Cultivates donor relationships - Donor development is always Darren’s primary focus. He attends your events, meets with donors (taking Board members with him), builds relationships, and provides the necessary follow-through to find ways for donors and sponsors to support your organization.
  • Teaches your team about fundraising – Darren works with everyone from the Executive Director to your Board and Committee members to develop a “fundraising mindset” across the entire team. This includes helping people get comfortable asking others for money, inspiring Board members to think outside of themselves, and changing how everyone views your volunteers.
  • Introduces fundraising ideas – There are many ways to raise money in addition to gala events. Darren will help you determine which ones fundraising approaches would work best for your organization, and walk you through what’s necessary to qualify for grants and other funding sources that you may have dismissed as being out of reach.
  • Works with your gala event planner – If you do choose to host a gala/auction event, Darren will get involved right from the start, reviewing the proposed plans to ensure everything from the venue to the décor to the agenda is most beneficial for the fundraising environment.

Charitable Giving Overview

If a charitable motive exists, the tax laws provide various methods and incentives to encourage the donor’s goodwill. Not all Benefit Auctions are the same.. we can help build your endowment planned giving programs through several advantageous options.

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Charitable Gifting Strategies

Charitable Lead Trusts are designed to provide an income flow to charity for a period of time, after which the donated property may be returned to the donor or distributed to other non-charity beneficiaries. CLTs are one of the few charitable giving techniques that can generate an income, gift, and estate tax deduction.

Gifts to the Charitable Remainder Trust provide income to the donor for life or for a specified number of years, up to 20 years. At the end of the trust term, the charity received the remainder of the property – somewhat the opposite of the Charitable Lead Trust. Contributions generate a current income tax deduction to the donor, based on the discounted value of the future gift to charity. The size deduction varies with the age of the taxpayer, the term of the payout, and the size of the annual payout in relation to the value of the donated property.

A pooled income fund is a type of trust created and managed by a charity, in which the donor transfers property. In return, the donor receives a lifetime income paid fromt he earnings of the fund.

A charitable gift annuity is a direct contract between a charity and a donor, whereby the donor transfers cash or appreciated property to the charity in return for an unsecure promise to pay an income stream to the donor.

Life insurance can provide needed liquidity to fund gifts and endowments to a charity, and to replace value otherwise lost to heirs. The simplest form of a charitable gift using life insurance is to designate a charity as beneficiary of a policy.

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